New Bike Scheme – Shift

My bike scheme is a new scheme inspired by and based in the city of London. The colour scheme of ‘shift’ is inspired by a new brighter london, following in the steps of Uber Jumps vibrant bike wrap. 

Throughout the development of my colour scheme, I tried out two colour pallettes that were specifically based on the colours found around London, such as the grey of the pavement, the cream and beiges of the buildings and the bright reds of Londons famous buses. 

The idea is that ‘Shift’ is easily accesible for tourists while still appealing to local londoners for their daily commute. My aim is that this bike scheme encourages even the most commited cyclists to try something new and perhaps add a little magic to an otherwise ordinary journey. For tourists, the bold and bright nature of the bike scheme and the hopefully interesting way it navigates London encourages use.

The slogan itself ‘see your city through cycling’ is meant to encourage both tourists and locals to feel comfortable exploring London as well as clearly putting across the message that hiring a bike instead of taking other means of transport can show London in a new light. The name of the bike scheme ‘SHIFT’ represents the idea that the bike scheme is shifting peoples view of bike schemes in a positive way.

Here you can see the membership card for SHIFT bike users. After much deliberation, as well as research into the way other bike schemes deal with membership, I decided on a one membership fits all option. There is only this one card that can be topped up per use, the more you use the bike scheme, the cheaper it becomes. This means the bike scheme is suitable for both short time users such as tourists and long time users like people travelling into work daily.

The advertising for the bike scheme is focused on two aspects, the slogan ‘see your city through cycling’ and the idea that using the bike scheme allows users to find new places. 

All of the final outcome is based on colour palette 3, which features the bright and bold colours. I considered going forward with either of the two other colour schemes as they are tamer and perhaps more suited to an everyday usage but after consideration decided that in a city flooded with visuals, having a bright and bold bike scheme would help it stand out against the noise.