Be A Food Ninja – Reimagining Christmas for Birds Eye


 With the slogan #notanothervegfreechristmas and the intended audience of parents looking to get peas (Birds Eye Peas) into their children’s food at Christmas. Using the carousel layout on Pinterest, the first page being the campaign name, and the following pages being demonstrations of hiding peas in the Christmas inspired food. I have named the birds eye peas on the visuals ‘veg that shall not be named’, after Voldemort in Harry Potter to perhaps expand the audience and again bring in some more playfulness. This ‘codeword’ for the peas also furthers the idea that getting peas into food is somewhat a covert operation. In this campaign, the whole idea is that this Christmas, birds eye peas can turn parents into ninjas, in a way taking them back to being playful with food and so in turn encouraging their kids to do the same. Following the lead of other successful vegetable adverts, I created a character in the form of a ninja pea. I thought that this would give the campaign room to grow e.g. tv adverts or plush toys.


The colour scheme:


  • Predominantly black and white, with green as the accent colour. 
  • Everything but the peas themselves and the text are black and white making the peas and the text stand out. 
  • The darker green used throughout the visuals is the green used on the bird eye peas packaging.